Thursday, September 3, 2009

BLET-B = the perfect brunch

BLET-B is a "bacon, lettuce, egg, and tomato sandwich with basil"

My intention is for this blog to be more about gardening than cooking. The thing is, I moved to a new house on July 1st, not too long before I started this blog. I hope the new occupants are enjoying the vegetables and flowers I planted at our old house in Ballard.

Despite the fact that I uprooted in the middle of the summer growing season, and our new home does not yet have a garden, I had to find a way to grow a few of my summer garden staples (eg: tomatoes, basil, lettuce, etc...). While watering this morning, I thought, "why don't I make myself a BLT with pesto for breakfast?". Then I spied my next door neighbor's hens and decided a fried egg would be the perfect accompaniment.

I sweetened my homemade pesto with some maple syrup to make it taste extra breakfast-y, used an entire Rutgers variety heirloom tomato, and crunchy Romain lettuce.

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