Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alleycat Acres: urban farm collective breaks ground in Beacon Hill

Last weekend, the upstart urban farming collective, Alleycat Acres, broke ground on their first site. The goal of alleycat acres is to set up urban farm plots throughout the city of Seattle. Healthy, sustainably raised produce will be distributed and sold at affordable prices via CSA membership, farmer's markets, and eventually in corner stores and bodegas.

Last Sunday the alleycats marked out vegetable beds and cleared A LOT of sod. Next Sunday, February 28th, they will be further prepping the site by tilling Groco and Tagro composts into the vegetable beds.
They will also be constructing some raised beds with recycled concrete slabs.
They are looking for volunteers and equipment that can be loaned, and are especially interested in rototillers for this coming Sunday, 2-28-10.
For more information visit: http://www.alleycatacres.com

 signs of good soil beneath that lawn

Taking down the Laurel


  1. HI Kate - trying to find an email for you! Can you email me at amyp@gogogreengarden.com. Thinking of a collaboration!

  2. excellent blog! thanks for sharing Urban food producer :)