Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gifts for the garden

My dear friend, Amber, and I just turned 30! Fourteen years ago we celebrated our 16th birthdays together in Los Angeles, and here we are today, celebrating our 30th's together here in Seattle. I am so grateful for her friendship all of these years.
Amber loves to garden but is currently living in a small space, so as a birthday present I got her some supplies for small container gardening.

A nice pot, seed packets, a trowel, pruners, a new pair of gloves.
The folks at Ravenna Gardens helped me to pack it up pretty for her.
The seeds I picked out for her will all do well in small pots: Cut and come again lettuce, Windowbox Mini basil, Cat treats grass mix (for her kitty, Sophie), and Electric blue sweet peas

Of course I couldn't go to Ravenna Gardens without getting a couple things for myself. Those gloves are made from bamboo and are super soft... I couldn't resist. I am a seed saver, so I don't need to buy many seeds each year, but I can't resist trying new varieties like the Windowbox Mini basil from Renee's Garden seed company. I also bought a Cut and come again lettuce seed mix (I have to buy lettuce seed every year), heirloom variety Lacinato kale, some sugar peas for eating, and sweet peas for flower arrangments. All of these things, except for the basil, can be started outside in Seattle right now. The basil I got is a windowbox variety which I will grow on my kitchen window sill.

Isn't spring exciting?
What are your spring garden plans?

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