Monday, March 26, 2012

Egg party

Last weekend I had some friends over to dye easter eggs. I hadn't done it since I was a kid, until last year when a friend of mine from LA had some of us girlfriends over for some egg dying (thanks for the awesome times and idea Veronica!) I had completely forgotten how much fun it was.

When was the last time you dyed eggs, or carved pumpkins, or made your eggs green on St. Patrick's Day? No reason why kids get to have all the fun.

Watch out Martha!
Okay, we got most of these ideas from her iPhone app...
Yes she has an iPhone app specifically for easter eggs.

Can you hear us clucking through all that glitter and Mod Podge?

Janessa made that grass out of green thread!

How did Sarah write so neatly with glitter?
I could never do that.

Some of the eggs were blown out so we can keep them forever, but many were hard boiled.
Turns out blowing out eggs is way harder than it looks on Martha Stewart iPhone app. 

I got really into thread this year. Monochromatic and simple. 

Thanks for the inspiration Jackson Pollock. 

Rubber bands

These were done like decoupage, with paper and Mod Podge (craft glue).
I like this one that Mindy made, using cut out recipes, all containing eggs as an ingredient!

This is a sprig of parsley from my garden. I glued it on, and then died the egg.
It would have been better to dye the egg first, but oh well.
I'm happy to report that the leaf is still green after a week. The glue is acting like a preservative. 

Glitter, glitter everywhere. 

A few days after the egg party I made egg salad with the hard boiled eggs. It was delicious. It didn't last long enough for me to take a picture. Jacob had the excuse that he didn't want it to go bad, but neither one of us could stop eating it. It was really that good. I think that egg salad is one of those delicious and easy recipes that has gone out of vogue. Not sure why. Let's bring it back. 
I made mine with 
hard boiled eggs
finely diced sweet white onion
canola oil mayo
sea salt
a dash of cayenne
a dash of paprika

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