Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food tastes better when

you grow it yourself... or at least when you pick it yourself. Not much in life beats a good pacific northwest U-pick berry farm.

Anyhow, yesterday I picked this from our home garden: 

Today, while I was processing jars of cherry pie filling (more on that later), I transformed much of that harvest into dinner.

I did a play on a classic salad nicoise, but substituted chicken (what I had on hand) for the traditional tuna steak, and included the artichokes. I snipped some basil from out back, and made a basil vinaigrette to dress the protein and veggies. Perfect summer supper.

Now, before you think I've lost it and gone on a diet, remember that I was canning cherry pie filling. Mmmmmm rainier cherries. 

p.s. I used the kale by tossing it with spicy peanut dressing like I did here.

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