Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall is for trees

The foliage is spectacular, but it is also the perfect time to plant them. At least it's the perfect time to plant trees in places like Seattle, Santa Cruz, and Los Angeles (3 of the cities I have been fortunate to call home). 

The rainy season is just beginning, which gives tree roots a head start on establishing before we dry up in the spring and summer.

Look at how gorgeous this native Vine Maple is. We planted it a year ago, so this is the first time we've seen its full fiery red foliage.

The City of Seattle recognizes the many environmental and social benefits of mature trees, so they provide them to residents who apply for free!

We got an Elm and an Apple two years ago. This year we got a Purple Beech, but there were lots of choices including Poplar, Cedar, and Asian Pear.

First we had to go through a tree planting and maintenance training.

This was the youngest tree planter at the training. Isn't she cute next to those cedars?

When we got home we planted the tree right away. Jacob was clever to put the excavated soil on a tarp, which kept things clean and back filling the hole pretty easy.

After planting we staked the tree on the south side, which is the direction we typically get our winds from. Doesn't Jacob look like a proud tree planter?

Here's Jacob standing next to the Elm we planted two years ago. Doesn't it have beautiful fall foliage? That baby Beech has some catching up to do.

Have you planted any trees recently? What did you put in? Suddenly I'm dreaming of putting in an Italian Plum in the back.

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